KTM Komuter

KTM Class 92 SCS 26 Train 2012-08-11 12.52.01
KTM Class 92 SCS 26 Train

KTM Komuter is a commuter rail service offered by KTM Berhad. It was introduced in 1995 to combat congestion in the Klang Valley metropolitan area as well as connecting Kuala Lumpur to neighboring cities.


KTM Komuter Routes

Route Operation since No. of stations Length (km) Terminal
Sentul – Port Klang 14 Ogos 1995 23 45 Sentul – Port Klang
Batu Caves – Sentul 29 Julai 2010 4 7 Batu Caves – Sentul
Rawang – Seremban 14 Ogos 1995 23 105 Rawang – Seremban
Rawang – Tanjung Malim (shuttle) 21 April 2007 5 53 Rawang – Tanjung Malim

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  1. 2013-11-01 – Derailment, no fatalities

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6 thoughts on “KTM Komuter”

  1. selamat pagi..i nak tanya transport dari JB to KL menggunakan KTM @ keretapi ada tak?? n how long to arrive at KL..


  2. Hi!selamat petang….boleh saya tahu macam mane nak pegi ke kg bukit Laka, bahau, negeri sembilan dari ktm sungai gadut?ada ktm ke di bahau?atau bas?

  3. Helo we almost wait for more than half an hour to go to kl sentral???? Can you please at least let us know the reason ????? Its truly a dissapointment. Cant wait for mrt

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