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KTM ETS (Electric Train Service) is part of the intercity rail service provided by KTM Intercity, a division under Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad – KTMB. The first commercial run was done on August 12th 2010, after several times of postponement. For the time being, ETS plies the route between Ipoh and KL Sentral.

ETS used to run from Ipoh all the way to Seremban but the route is modified due to unknown reasons. Unconfirmed sources say ETS service will be expanded further north to Kuala Kangsar and south to Gemas. However, KTM Berhad has yet to announce anything regarding that matter.

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Corporate information

Previously operated by a subsidiary of KTM Berhad, ETS is currently operating under KTM Intercity division.

ETS was managed by a subsidiary of KTMB, ET Sdn. Bhd. According to KTM Chairman, Dr. Aminuddin Adnan, the establishment of ET as KTMB’s subsidiary would be able to nurture an environment that is more conducive for enhancing productivity and discipline.


Work as partners to make ETS a dominant player in transportation industry by redefining values in commuting.


  • ETS will always engage our partners in all the workings and planning of the company to achieve the maximum contribution from the partners.
  • We will at all times keep the customer confidence by working at the top of our personal and professional performance levels.
  • We will do our absolute best to provide each and every customer with only the highest integrity, trust, love, teamwork, fun and energy, smile and innovation in providing the best customer service and timeliness on every trip “ABSOLUTELY”.

Rolling stock

KTMB uses KTM Class 91 for its ETS service. Five trainsets were purchased by KTM for USD 67 million. Each trainset has six cars and all trainsets are currently operational. It is designed by Marubeni Corporation and jointly built by Hyundai Rotem of Korea and Mitsubishi Electric of Japan. It can travel up to 160 km/h although its operational speed is 140 km/h.



There are two types of ETS routes, which are ETS Gold and ETS Silver.

Ipoh Yes Yes
Batu Gajah Yes Yes
Kampar Yes Yes
Tapah Road Yes Yes
Sungkai Yes Yes
Slim River Yes Yes
Behrang Yes
Tanjung Malim Yes Yes
Kuala Kubu Bahru Yes
Rawang Yes Yes
Sungai Buloh Yes
Kepong Sentral Yes Yes
Kuala Lumpur Yes Yes
KL Sentral Yes Yes

Facilities provided

  1. 240 V power outlet for laptops and mobile devices
  2. Cafeteria
  3. Restrooms
  4. CCTV system in every coach
  5. LED TV
  6. Baggage placement sections provided.
  7. Disabled-friendly trains
  8. WiFi service


Free Wi-Fi Internet Access in ETS Trains

ETS provides free wireless internet access to passengers. However, the quality of internet connection cannot be verified. Please share with us your internet experience onboard ETS trains.

Password: A1B2C3D4E5


  1. Berita Harian – corporate information
  2. Kosmo – train specifications
  3. KTM Intercity website – fare and schedule


KTM Intercity

KTM Intercity (also known in Malay Language as KTM Antarabandar) is one of the passenger service offered by KTM Berhad (KTMB). One source said the most profitable KTM Intercity is the route between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Other than regular KTM Intercity, KTM Berhad also has ETS and Komuter for passenger transport.

KTM Intercity coach types

  • ABC – Buffet coach. The whole coach is for cafeteria.
  • AEC – Economy class. Seats are less comfy compared to ASC but it justifies the extremely low price. Suitable for students.
  • AFC – First Class Seat, seating layout is twin seat plus single seat per row. Suitable for those with bigger build and people seeking more comfort. AFC
  • ASC – Seating second class. With space as wide as economy class but it promises more legroom. Those who has bigger body size but don’t want to use sleeper berth, better consider to travel in ASC. However, for most people, I would like to recommend ADNS (second class sleeper berth) over ASC because you only pay a few ringgits extra and can wake up refreshed the following day.
  • ADNS – Sleeper berth second class. It provides you a comfy sleeping experience. Upper berth fares are few ringgits lower than lower berth. Use lower berth if you have trouble climbing up the mini stairs.
  • ADNF – two sleeper berths in one cabin. Dubbed as first class air-cond day night, this is the best class for travel, apart from SELESA coach.

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  1. ETS service between Ipoh/Kl/Ipoh too slow
    Operating like a transit train
    It should cover the distance in 2 hrs with no stops
    Other destinations are served by the Komuter/Sinaran and Rakyat service so why duplicate.
    It defeat the purpose of electrification.
    Frustrated with KTMB management…….they are retarded for ideas

    1. Starting 2016, there are no more intercity diesel train service on gemas to padang besar route. And now there are Platinum ticket if you want a non stop service. But still, KTMB still need to do a lot to improve their service. At least now they are starting to try to change.

  2. Booking should be made more user friendly and efficient to the convenience of customers just like Airasia.
    System need to be upgraded in order to facilitate all passengers and not by showing unavaible train schedules and fare, etc…
    Now we still have to go and Q in their counter, if only their front liners is trained to be more friendly in greeting, Some staffs donno even how to put on a smile on their face and just busy chit chat among themselves. Customers survey is recommended to carried out so service can be improved beter.

  3. Hi! ETS from KL to Ipoh has been running for so long. Can someone advise when can we take ETS to, say, Penang? Langkawi? Possible to go to Johore? Surely we can go to Bangkok by now. Can somebody please advise.

    Thank you very much.

  4. I try to use the ets for the first time but was disappointed due to online booking system is not proper manage by the service provider.

    until I need to buy the ticket manually from the counter that take about 1hr 30min from my place at that time.

    it is the best facilities service provided by ktmb?

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