Serdang Railway Station

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Serdang railway station is a railway station located in Serdang, Selangor. This station serves KTM Komuter.

Station Information

Tel. No.+603-2267 1200
Route(s)KTM Komuter
OKU Access

Train Schedule

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KTM ETS / Intercity / Komuter

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One thought on “Serdang Railway Station”

  1. 3.4.2017
    To the officer in-charge,
    I came over to KTM Serdang station on the 3.4.2017 at 1.45 pm to enquire and purchase a ETS ticket to travel to Ipoh on the 8.4.2017 noon.
    However the the ticketing staff said that she is changing shift with another and that I have to wait for the next staff on duty till about 2.30 pm. I asked her why can’t the ticket be sold now…
    She said that she don’t have the password of the other person and that i have to wait for the other staff to arrive (about 2.30 pm).
    She continued saying that KTM Serdang has put up a signage about the ticketing time.
    I looked at the signage which was displayed on the passengers side of the counter (outside). In a small cardboard,it is clearly written that tickets for Intercity are sold from 0830 to 1830 (8.30 am to 6.30 pm). No break time or whatsoever was mentioned on the board.
    When I asked the staff on duty for an explanation about that, she obviously couldn’t give me an answer.

    So please … KTM Serdang do something about it and not get the passengers confused by giving some hopeless answer at the counter that does not tally with the infomation on signage.
    Terima Kasih

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