New 2018 KTMB Train Schedule

Dear visitors, we would like to inform you that all schedules for KTM Intercity, ETS and Komuter Sektor Utara has been updated on Therefore, you can expect to see the updated schedule on the website, which is in both English and Malay languages.

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MYJadual Logo

MYJadual is the website for you to check public transport schedules. Currently, MYJadual has train schedules for KTM ETS, KTM Intercity, KTM Komuter, KLIA Transit, KLIA Ekspres, RapidKL Bus, RapidKL Ampang / Sri Petaling Line, RapidKL Kelana Jaya Line and KL Monorail.

Industry Players Cheer as Malaysia Decides to Spend More in Rail Development

KUALA LUMPUR – 27 AUGUST 2016:Malaysia has seen positive growth in rail industry for the past few decades and the trend is expected to continue in the foreseeable future.

More than RM 30 billion has been spent on rail infrastructure development for the past few years. Among the companies that have benefited from this rapid growth of rail industry including but not limited to:

  • MMC Corp Bhd
  • Gamuda Bhd
  • IJM Corp
  • Malaysian Resources Corp Bhd (MRCB)
  • Sunway Construction
  • Gadang Holdings Bhd
  • Mudajaya Corp Bhd
  • Ahmad Zaki Resources Bhd
  • Naim Engineering Sdn Bhd
  • UEM Construction Sdn Bhd
  • Apex Communication Sdn Bhd


Past projects include LRT line extension for both Kelana Jaya Line and Ampang Line, as well as introduction of KTM Komuter service in additional stations as far as Tampin in the south to Padang Besar in northern Peninsular Malaysia.

Current and future development include LRT 3 line, MRT and also High-Speed Rail linking Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Source: The Star

KTM Class 92 – September 28th 2014

I took a ride onboard KTM Komuter on September 28th. The timetable can be quite unreliable as KTMB is still testing it.

The Class 92 trainset, manufactured by Zhuzhou from China is quite comfortable. There are lots of power outlets for those who are looking forward to charge their electronic gadgets too.

KTM Class 92 Train 2014-09-28 20.34.43
KTM Class 92 Train 2014-09-28 20.34.43
KTM Class 92 Train 2014-09-28 20.34.51
KTM Class 92 Train 2014-09-28 20.34.51
KTM Class 92 Train 2014-09-28 20.35.01
KTM Class 92 Train 2014-09-28 20.35.01
KTM Class 92 Train 2014-09-28 20.35.14
KTM Class 92 Train 2014-09-28 20.35.14

Overnight at KL Sentral

So I missed my Skybus shuttle bus to KLIA2. The next bus departs at 3 AM and I am now stranded in KL Sentral for almost three hours.

KL Sentral used to be more interesting than before. Now, there is nothing much to do during midnight. 7-Eleven is the only convenience store that is opened.

CIMB Cheque Deposit Machine 2014-10-14 00.18.05
CIMB Cheque Deposit Machine 2014-10-14 00.18.05

#FAIL No. 1: Cheque Deposit Down for temporary? For temporary? For temporary?

Seriously CIMB, who did you hire to be your clerk? I hope they are not your banker.


McDonald's KL Sentral 2014-10-14 00.12.16
McDonald’s KL Sentral 2014-10-14 00.12.16

Apparently, McD is also closed from 12 midnight to 6 AM for “maintenance” purposes. I doubt that. There’s nothing going on in the restaurant (apparently), only loud music can be heard.

#FAIL No. 2: It will be closed until 14 MARCH 2014. Hmmm, are we watching Back to the Future?


KTM Komuter Ticket Vending Machine 2014-10-14 00.25.17
KTM Komuter Ticket Vending Machine 2014-10-14 00.25.17

#FAIL No. 3: CANNOT BE ACEPTED. Acepted. Acepted. What is acepted? It sounds like “Inception” for me.


Meals Station: Iced Honey Lemon 2014-10-14 00.37.22
Meals Station: Iced Honey Lemon 2014-10-14 00.37.22

#WIN: I have finally found a good place to sit and a table to do my reading and writing. #WIN #WIN #WIN.

Meals Station is a kopitiam-style restaurant in KL Sentral. There is no operating hours stated directly at the outlet. However, it looks like it opens for 24 hours. Cheap drinks mostly start at RM 3.50 so be prepared to pay extra.

Power outlets are also available for those who are seeking to charge their electronic gadgets.

KTM Komuter Derailed Near Rawang Station

A KTM Komuter train was derailed at Kilometer 354.88 new Rawang Station on November 1st, according to a BERNAMA news source.

Since KTM services share the same trackage, other services such as KTM Intercity and ETS are also affected. However, like previous incidents, KTM Berhad was quick in terms of response time. Passengers were then transported using shuttle buses, continuing their journey to their respective destinations.

KL Sentral is failing?

KTM Komuter Platform Area (KL Sentral)
KTM Komuter Platform Area (KL Sentral)

KL Sentral was developed to be the iconic intermodal transportation hub for Kuala Lumpur. The early phase of its mega-scale development stage is the KL Sentral station itself. The 700 ft x 515 ft station that opens in 2001 is now facing some of the problems that become a nuisance for commuters and tourists.

One of the problems highlighted is the abundance of stalls selling small items such as souvenirs and headscarves. As long as the stalls are carefully placed around the station that should not be a huge problem. Small stalls can also be seen around other transport hubs such as Port Authority Bus Terminal and Grand Central Station, both located in Manhattan, New York City, United States.

Another problem highlighted is the poor integration of bus system with the station, resulting in inefficient usage and confusion among travelers. As said in my previous article, in order to build a transport hub, we need to have a robust plan, make it future proof and have excellent integration across services.

In general, KL Sentral has already been doing its job greatly as rail transport hub. However, it needs to improve on its way of handing bus and taxi service.

Read more here:

  1. [The Star] – Traffic consultants highlight KL Sentral’s failure as the bus hub for Klang Valley
  2. [The Star] – Commuters have difficulty navigating KL Sentral’s haphazard layout

KTM Komuter Planned Maintenance Schedule 22 Dec 2012 to 10 Mar 2013

KTM Berhad Logo
KTM Berhad Logo

What happened: Service delay between KTM Komuter Putra and Kuala Lumpur station.

Why: Track maintenance work between KTM Komuter Putra and Kuala Lumpur station.

When: Refer train schedule below.

To accommodate the service interruption for this sector, a shuttle bus service plying Sentul – Kuala Lumpur – Sentul is available for KTM Komuter passengers. Shuttle buses will pick up and drop off the passenger at the entrance of the stations involved.

Note: KTM Komuter services for Rawang – Sungai Gadut will be operating as usual.





22 .12.2012








23.02. 2013









09.03. 2013





For further information, kindly contact KTM Berhad Call Centre at 1-300-8-5862.

KTM Komuter 1Malaysia Discount Card Application Form

KTM Komuter 1Malaysia Discount Card Application Form
KTM Komuter 1Malaysia Discount Card Application Form

Dear readers,

You can begin your application via a downloadable PDF form here.

Please note that KTM Komuter 1Malaysia discount card is only available if you meet the following conditions:

  • Malaysian citizen
  • Monthly salary is below RM 3000

The downloadable PDF form for KTM Komuter 1Malaysia discount card can be obtained here.

Source: KTMB Official website

[LDSN News] LANDASAN QuickAccess: One table, plethora of information

LDSN QuickAccess
LDSN QuickAccess

Introducing our new feature, LANDASAN QuickAccess! It enables you to reach LANDASAN’s popular pages faster and also displays schedule and fares.

We believe that our visitors, especially tourists, can make full use of this feature.

We have also updated most of RapidKL service and reduced dependency on external links. We did some cleanup on the articles as well to improve your reading experience.

As for KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit, we will improve the accessibility of the two services in the future. We would also apply this update to LANDASAN [ms] within the next few weeks.

We are travelers too, and we look forward to provide the best information to our customers.




KTMB New Website

[November 13th 2012] KTM Berhad has changed their website design quite a number of times this year. Access time has improved throughout the years but it is still not as user friendly as some other transport service websites.

Six yellow boxes link to the most commonly visited link in the website. This is a nice addition with the new version.

Of another note, if you need a guide on using KTMB e-Ticket, visit this page for more information.