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It all started with a noble desire, which is to provide up to date and reliable information about transport sector in Malaysia. With the experience of serving our visitors for more than two years, LANDASAN looks forward to achieve greater standard while always making visitors’ satisfaction a top priority.


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LANDASAN was launched on May 5th 2010. It started with a WordPress 2.x platform, with only several visits per day. Our founder, Fauzan, realizes that there are very few reliable websites offering information about transportation sector in Malaysia, especially for services provided by KTM Berhad (KTM Intercity and KTM Komuter).

Access to KTMB’s website was really slow at that time and Fauzan as a traveler himself often find it difficult to get more information about the arrival  and departure times of KTM Intercity. Therefore, Fauzan decided to develop his niche further and LANDASAN was born.

LANDASAN started out as a website focusing primarily on KTM Intercity service. However, we decided it is better if we also offer information about other modes of transport, with main emphasis on Malaysia. After months of hard work, now LANDASAN also lists all airports in Malaysia, complete with departure and arrival information (external link provided).

In recent months we have been working on providing useful guides for travelers as well. With some information about places, car rental service, bus and train service in the United States, we look forward to provide only the best information for our customers.


LANDASAN was established to be the leading provider for travel and transport information, especially about transport sector in Malaysia. Founded in May 5th 2010, LANDASAN is still relatively more recent compared to other websites. With enormous support from our readers, we hope to be the trendsetter in transport information provider by 2015.


LANDASAN was established to fill in transport information segment in Malaysia and to fullfill consumers’ demand for a reliable and up-to-date information about transport sector in Malaysia.


Transport sector, with emphasis on Malaysian railway sector.


We are incomplete without much-appreciated help from our contributors. Together with the primary author, the contributors co-authored several of the posts  . Here is the list of our contributors:

  • Rabi’ah Nawawi (BSc in Computer Science, Stevens Inst. of Technology 2013), contributes in new June 2013 KTM Intercity schedule.

LANDASAN is looking forward to have more volunteers to find information, providing pictures and proofreading. If you are interested in any of the above posts, let us know via email at info[at]landasan[dot]info.

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If you find any discrepancies in information we provide, kindly let us know via email address info[at]landasan[dot]info and contact form (Contact Us menu).

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