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Johor Bahru Sentral or JB Sentral is an intermodal transport hub located in Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia. JB Sentral covers about 79,000 meter square area, making it almost two times larger than KL Sentral. Opened on October 21st 2010, it has 6 tracks and 4 island platforms.


Station information

Name JB Sentral
Address Johore
Tel. No. 07 223 3040, 07 223 4727
Electrified Belum
Route(s) KTM Intercity
Parking Yes
Accessible Yes
Surau Yes
Restrooms Yes


Arrivals and departures (KTM Intercity)

JB Sentral Railway Station serves the following KTM Intercity routes. Click on each respective route page for schedule information.

  1. Ekspres Rakyat 1
  2. Ekspres Rakyat 2
  3. Ekspres Sinaran Selatan 12
  4. Ekspres Sinaran Selatan 13
  5. Ekspres Sinaran Timur 14
  6. Ekspres Sinaran Timur15
  7. Ekspres Senandung Sutera 24
  8. Ekspres Senandung Sutera 25
  9. Ekspres Senandung Timuran 26
  10. Ekspres Senandung Timuran 27
  11. Shuttle Gemas – Singapura 61
  12. Shuttle Singapura – Gemas 64
  13. Shuttle Kuala Lipis – Tumpat 82
  14. Shuttle Kuala Lipis – Singapura 91

For more information please see KTM Intercity Schedules and KTM Intercity Fare Information page.

Listed below is the timetable, effective until June 30th 2013. Please refer to the schedule above for future services.

Time Train From To
5:19 AM SH 61 – Shuttle Gemas – Singapura Gemas Woodlands Train Checkpoint
5:35 AM SS 14 – Ekspres Sinaran Timur Woodlands Train Checkpoint Tumpat
5:52 AM SS 25 – Ekspres Senandung Sutera KL Sentral Woodlands Train Checkpoint
8:05 AM SH 82 – Shuttle Kuala Lipis – Tumpat Woodlands Train Checkpoint Kuala Lipis
8:50 AM ER 2 – Ekspres Rakyat Woodlands Train Checkpoint Butterworth
9:55 AM ST 27 – Ekspres Senandung Timuran Tumpat Woodlands Train Checkpoint
1:50 PM SS 12 – Ekspres Sinaran Selatan Woodlands Train Checkpoint KL Sentral
3:27 PM SS 13 – Ekspres Sinaran Selatan KL Sentral Woodlands Train Checkpoint
5:10 PM SH 91 – Shuttle Kuala Lipis – Singapura Kuala Lipis Woodlands Train Checkpoint
7:05 PM ST 26 – Ekspres Senandung Timuran Woodlands Train Checkpoint Tumpat
7:50 PM SH 64 – Shuttle Singapura – Gemas Woodlands Train Checkpoint Gemas
8:02 PM ER 1 – Ekspres Rakyat Butterworth Woodlands Train Checkpoint
8:58 PM SS 15 – Ekspres Sinaran Timur Tumpat Woodlands Train Checkpoint
11:35 PM SS 24 – Ekspres Senandung Sutera Woodlands Train Checkpoint KL Sentral


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  • Train timetable: KTMB official website (www.ktmb.com.my)
  • Phone number and addresses: KTMB official website and YellowPages Malaysia

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updated on June 5th 2013

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  1. Tracey Pinchen

    Could someone please tell me is there anywhere at JB Sentral Station lockers or kiosk to leave our suitcases why we do a day trip to LEGOLAND. LEGOLAND said we can not take them there. Thankyou in advance.


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